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The Girl

written in 2018 

The core of my ink works is the character of a young girl with whom I identify as myself, and most often she appears in a forest terrain. These terrains represent my alternate reality which provides comfort for when I’m in distress. The laws of nature in the real world do not always make sense in my surrealist world, but they give a more symbolic meaning.

Using ink allows me to work on the fine details which I am not able to achieve with paint and brush. And ink allows me the convenience of drawing anywhere and anytime, as and when inspiration and ideas hit me. The inspiration for my ink works comes from the illustrations in storybooks, thus my work itself usually portrays a method of storytelling with symbolic elements.

In my collection of painting, I usually spend more time on refining my art to express the thought process inspired by thought-provoking issues or when something is on my mind. Taking my time while painting, one brush stroke at a time, allows me some alone time to think and reflect on my purpose and intentions.

IN _DSC1084 _.jpg

The Girl With The Red Wagon

80cm x 80cm

Oil on Canvas

This piece of artwork depicts a very vivid memory from my childhood. The Red Wooden Wagon was a handmade gift from my late grandfather who resided in Kuala Terengganu. I was told that it would be waiting for me the next time I went back to visit, but years went by and the wagon became just a memory. The dark colours and the hard harsh strokes used in the artwork represent the regret and sadness I feel for not returning for a visit. The feeling of serenity and calm is the feeling I remember experiencing, but the bitterness and regret that counters it results in what I try to depict in my artwork. I took inspiration from postmodern painter Lars Elling and with some experimenting, I managed to develop my inspiration into brushstrokes for my artwork. With a slight perspective and colour changes, I managed to express my emotions in my artwork.

IMG_3343 copy.jpg


61cm x 91.5cm

Acrylic on Canvas


The core of my existence and the invisible ties that keep me grounded. The roots symbolize the strong bond with my family, the forest represents my family and the familiar and safe surroundings around me.

The feelings of joy and contentment inspired this piece of drawing. My brushstrokes are loose and free, with an obvious rhythm of happiness in each stroke. Earthy tones are used to project the atmosphere of the real world which can be a dark place, but it’s the strong bond and closeness with family that has kept me anchored to my values in staying true to myself through my growing years. I have captured these feelings and emotions in a surreal, almost in an adult fantasy way.

Darkness in Sadness.JPG

There's Hope In Sadness

122cm x 122cm

Oil on Wooden Board

This piece started out with me feeling lost and stuck in life, like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. The roots that were my life, had at times felt like it was holding me down. I used a round shaped drawing board to represent the Earth that we live in.

I took inspiration from the surrealist artist Frida Kahlo whose paintings often featured imaginary roots growing out of her body or tying her down to the ground, reflecting growth in a positive manner and that of being trapped when viewed at from a negative manner.

Completed birdy.jpg

Letting Go

90 cm diameter, 30 cm diameter

Acrylic on Canvas

Nothing Feels Right.JPG

Nothing Feels Right

122 x 122 cm

Oil on Canvas

Will I See You Again_.JPG

Will I See You Again?

122 x 122 cm

Oil on Canvas

This Isn't A Dream.jpg

This Isn't A Dream 

122 x 122 cm

Oil on Canvas

I Think This Is Okay.jpg

I Think This Is Okay

120 diameter

Oil on Canvas

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