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Sculptural Paintings

This is a collaborative series of works between Silas Oo and Kimberley Boudville. We wanted to represent our experiences as we embark on a life together, navigating our mid to late 20s.

a rock, a wave and a home

  77cm x 77cm

  Mixed Media on Canvas

The crashing waves against rocks evokes a timeless scene of both beauty and danger. To us, the crashing waves represent the challenges and obstacles of life, whereas the rocks are the unmoving stability, the fortress of uncompromising strength. As we grow into our adulthoods, we are constantly trying to find our place in the world, to find our rock which in turn is both our core and our home.


Just as the waves relentlessly pound against the rocks, life can feel like a never-ending struggle full of turmoil and chaos, shaping us and our character as we find out who we truly are and what we stand for.


The film-like layering that is meant to evoke a dreamscape is accompanied by compartmentalized sections of focus throughout the lucid experience that is life. 


Ultimately, this piece is a representation of the journey we all take as we mature, facing the unknown with determination and courage, and finding our true home in the world and within ourselves.


the tree and it's roots

  77cm x 77cm

  Mixed Media on Canvas

The Tree and Its Roots serve as a metaphor for faith, the journey of growing up and the importance of staying true to one’s own path.


As long as the sun shall rise, so too shall we.  Just as a tree planted by the water, that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. Nor does it worry in a year of drought, never failing to bear fruit.


Although life can be tough, and the day to day can sometimes feel like too much to bear, it’s easy to forget about the moments of happiness that can plague our bitter hearts. We wanted this piece to be a permanent reminder - to stay planted in oneself and never lose sight of the bigger picture.

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